Debian GNU/Linux CD Artwork

Debian GNU/Linux Woody Artwork The cd cover artwork featured on this page is free for you to use any way you like. Editable areas of text can be amended in The Gimp, using the xcf files in: woody_template.tar.gz
The artwork files for the Binary I386 covers are in JPEG and PNG format, and do not feature editable text areas.

With a small amount of work in The Gimp, you can modify the title, cd number and information. Click here to download the cover in Gimp format (3.38Mb).

Binary i386 Covers...

The artwork is in JPEG for the front covers, and indexed colour PNG for the tray inserts. All images are 300dpi.

You can download all the Binary i386 covers (3.35Mb) in an archive by clicking here.

Or individually...

This is NOT an Official Debian CD Cover. More artwork available at: Artwork for Debian CDs.